Annual Meeting AND Gourmet Auction

AnnMtng 17.jpg

Annual meetings at st. john's...

...are somewhat different than at most Episcopal churches. Yes, we take care of the required business—review budget and finances, report on ministries and programs, elect Vestry members and recognize extraordinary efforts from the previous year.

However, all of that business can get a little dry. So, to break up the monotony, to encourage more people to participate, and to raise some funds, we decided to liven things up a little by inserting a gourmet auction into the mix. Here’s how it goes:

Mass is at 9:00 am – Annual Meeting starts around 10:15

  • Bring a gourmet item to auction off—this can be your favorite recipe or a service to be delivered later, i.e. a pie of your choice delivered hot to your door, or a dinner for 4 cooked especially for you and your guests. 
  • Make sure your foodstuffs and/or card describing your offering are labeled with your name, basic ingredients and instructions for reheating, etc. Add them to the auction table in the fellowship hall before or after Mass.
  • Pick up the Annual Meeting Packet in the fellowship hall and take a seat.  
  • Once the Annual Meeting begins, in between each report and/or business item, a few items will be auctioned off. 
  • If your bid wins, you can take your winnings home or, if appropriate, share with your table.
  • Before you leave, pay the treasurer by cash or check.
  • Funds raised are used for St. John’s Outreach ministry


All funds raised are used for

St. John’s Outreach ministry