Joining Jesus Through the Summer

Summer provides a great opportunity to learn practices of devotion and thanksgiving that you can follow yourself. While it is important that Christians participate in the Eucharist every Sunday, in reality many people take a break from church in the summer. That removes a Christian from all devotions unless they have learned to practice them at home. 

St. John's is providing a simple guide to personal and home devotions for the summer to help its members in maintaining some devotional practices when the distractions of summer take them from participating in the church. You can download “Joining Jesus through the Summer” and the accompanying “weekly blessing journal” here.

summer worship booklets.jpg

Download your summer worship guides here

To download “Joining Jesus through the summer” click here

To download “weekly blessing journal” click here

Both downloads can be printed as handy booklets. Print each front and back on a single sheet of paper and then fold the sheet into thirds.